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Awesomeness worthy of 5

Dude, I'm loving this 5th release. I showed Awesome Rising to my mate who's played Dead Rising and he was in hysterics. XD My favourite part in this the Tommy the Orge part. I keep watching it over and over and it never gets old. =D The sound is a bit quiet on that bit so I have to turn up the volume full blast to hear it. I jump every time I get an MSN message because the volume is so high.

Anyway, there's something I've really been meaning to ask you. WHAT...THE...HELL...is up with that Dragonball Z Easter egg?! It makes no sense whatsoever! How and why was it made? What does it mean? I MUST KNOW! D: I can just about understand what they're saying, but dude, WTF? I enjoy watching it because it's random and obscure, but it kinda freaks me out a bit too. I do like the very smooth animation you put into that one as well. =D

EVERY Phoenix Wright character in one flash! XD

TEH AWESOMENESS!!! I loved it! The animation was fantastic, and the hand drawn characters were brilliant. I liked the song too. X3

I wish I could forget about this flash...

...so I can watch it again for the first time and relive the awesomeness all over again. This is probably the best animation I've seen so far on Newgrounds. But unfortunately, watching something for the first time makes me think that way about all the great flashes I've seen on Newgrounds. I only wish, like I've said eariler, I could forget about eveything about the series and watch it all again and experience the fantastic-ness. You must a true fan of Dragonball Z and Sonic to create something so phenominal. Being a fan of DBZ and Sonic myself, I can really appreciate all the time and effort you have out into creating this flash. It was definitely worth the wait. The voice acting of Nazo was superb. I only wish that the other characters got voice actors too instead of random sound clips from the games. But then there's always the risk of them not being so great and ruining the flash. You took the safe way out, I understand. I might have done the same thing in your position, but I've played through the Sonic games so much, I think I could handle all the voices on my own. =D Well, maybe not the female voices...

Thanks so much for this final episode and the entire series. I wish you luck on your future animations, and I hope they will surpass even this one, though I'd expect it won't be an easy task. Anyway, I've typed enough. Thanks again, and best wishes to you and your family. (God, that sounded corny... ¬_¬)

Chakra-X responds:

Haha, well your giving my family your best wishes, so who cares if it sounds corny! :D

Really glad you enjoyed this. Fans of both DBZ and Sonic should love this movie on principle.

I didn't want to use real voice actors, because I only know one voice to Sonic :P. For me, it'd be weird getting someone who wasn't the exact voice actor. I even asked Ryan Drummond :X, but he would get in trouble..Plus I'm sure he has no time to act for fan movies :P.

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It doesn't really work with a mouse...

I've recently got EBA and I really enjoy it. But this game just doesn't really work because using a mouse isn't as fluid and precise as a touch screen and stylus. I found it very difficult to match the cursor with the beats in time and the bars were sometimes too long, especially at the end of the first song. Which brings me to my next point: the choice of songs wasn't great. Maybe if you included some famous songs that weren't in EBA the first time around, it would have improved the game. Who knows? Maybe this game plays better on a tablet PC, but with a mouse? No. Sorry, dude.

Um...where's the sound? O_O

This would have bin a whole lot better if you had included the Metal Gear theme and the audio versions of the quotes you put in this flash. Apart from that, this is good.

Awesome quiz!

Really tested my knowledge on the NES. I didn't do to well, though. Apprently, I'm a Nintendo Noob. =(

Anyways, great job.

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Nice! =]

Very nicely done, but I don't like the echoey atmosphere. It kinda dilates the sound a bit, IMO.


This is going straight to my WMP library. Great job.

Reone663 responds:

Hey thanks! =)

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